Premium Car Detailing Specialists in Belmont

Premium Car Detailing Specialists in Belmont

Living on the pristine waters of Lake Macquarie is good for the views and lifestyle, but the salt from the sea air can damage your cars paint and make your car seem older than it is. Providing your car with regular maintenance and detailing from a qualified team of car detailing experts can help in extending the life of your cars paint work and have your car looking “brand” new again in no time at all.

Car Detailing Belmont

Portside Car Detailing use only the highest quality products and tools to complete each detail and service. We specialise in paint correction and protection and are proud to be helping car owners from Belmont and surrounding suburbs.

Our team of specialists will take care of all car detailing services including:

  • Interior details
  • Ceramic paint protection
  • Presale details
  • Full details
  • Maintenance details

The best car detailing services in Belmont

Our premium service ensures that all cars and their owners that book in for a detailing service with us are never disappointed. If you need your car detailed, then give us a call to book in today, 0401 411 128 and book your car detailing appointment today.