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As Newcastle’s premier car detailing experts, Portside Car Detailing specialise in full car details, pre sale details, paint correction and ceramic coating. We use the latest techniques and highest quality products to get your car looking brand new! That’s not all – we can make your motorbike, jet ski, van or truck looking amazing too!

Our Specialities

Full Detail

Our full detail service includes both an inside and outside makeover. We do everything from tyres, to engine bays, door trims and roof linings, wash, vacuum and even include machined paint correction depending on the level on imperfection on your car. Our full detail service is the ultimate special treatment for your car.

Book your vehicle in today and let us show you the meaning of sparkling clean.

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Interior Detail

Our interior detail service includes the ultimate royalty treatment for the inside of your vehicle. The service includes full vacuum, deep cleaning of the roof lining of your vehicle, full interior steam clean, shampoo of the interior seats and carpet, windows cleaned and finished off with beautiful new car fragrance. Our team are experts in getting rid of those stubborn interior stains off carpets and seats. Let our team look after your pride and joy. Contact us today to book your service.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating your vehicle is the best protection available in today’s market. Our Ceramic Coating is a inorganic, optically clear sacrificial layer of 9H hardness protection that visibly enhances colour and gloss making the paintwork slick to the touch. It has self cleaning capabilities so your car will stay cleaner for longer and bugs, tar and water spots are easily removed making maintenance 50% easier it has chemical resistance from ph2/ph12. The coating is designed to withstand temperatures from -40/250 degrees Celsius and is swirl and scratch resistance (9H hardness).

Here at Portside Car Detailing, we only use professional grade ceramic coatings. We offer multiple package options depending on the level of correction and coating required. Contact us today for a price quote for ceramic coating your vehicle.