Premium Car Detailing Specialists in Wangi Wangi

Premium Car Detailing Specialists in Wangi Wangi

Regular car maintenance and paint protection is key in keeping your car looking brand new, especially if you live near sea water, as the salt in the air can pre-age a car and cause all sorts of problems if not looked after properly. 

Portside Car Detailing are committed to providing you with the highest level of car detailing services, using the latest tools and equipment.

Our team of specialists will take care of all car detailing services, including:

  • Interior details
  • Ceramic paint protection
  • Presale details
  • Full details

Car Detailing Services in Wangi Wangi

Our qualified team use the best equipment and technology, tailored to suit the needs of your car. If you want find our more on how we can help protect you car from the elements, call us today on 0401 411 128 and book your car detailing appointment